The MANOR PUBLIC LIBRARY Policy on Public Use of the Computers and Internet


The Library currently has four computer workstations available for free public use.  These computers run on Windows 7 and are loaded with Microsoft Office 2010 and a current version of Adobe Reader.  All patron computers are connected to the Internet and to a black & white printer.


Manor Public Library offers the use of computer equipment and the Internet to the public as a free service.  Certain guidelines must be followed to ensure fair use of the library computers. 


  • All users (persons operating, viewing or assisting others) of the computer terminals must present a current WLN library card in good standing.  Additionally, if a patron wants to access the Internet, a signed  Internet Users Agreement must be on file.  Minors (under 18 years of age) must have their parent or guardian sign the Internet Users Agreement in the presence of a staff.

  • Children under the age of 12 may use a computer only under the direct supervision of a parent.

  • Staff will log all users onto the computers.

  • There is a three-hour per day limit on computer usage.  If other patrons are waiting to use a computer, we reserve the right to terminate a session after 30 minutes.  

  • Printouts are 20₵ per page.  Users will be charged for every page printed.   Ask for assistance before printing, if necessary.

  • Library staff cannot provide individual in-depth computer instruction.  Time permitting, library staff will try to help with basic computer questions.  Program manuals and reference books are available, and don’t forget about the Help button!

  • This library does not provide monitor privacy screens and no expectation of privacy is guaranteed.  Computer users are expected to respect the needs of other library patrons.  If computer users disrupt other library services, or their behavior is inappropriate for a library setting, the Library reserves the right to end the session.

  • Patrons may not turn computers off or on.  Patrons may not alter, remove or damage the settings, configurations, software or hardware of library computers.

  • Patrons are not permitted to save or download to the hard drive.  Downloading to a flash drive is permitted at the user’s risk and the Library takes no responsibility for any loss of data.

  • The library is not responsible for any damage to personal equipment or data as the result of library software, hardware malfunction or virus contamination.

  • Patrons are liable for the cost of repair or replacement of software or hardware damaged by misuse or failure to follow user instruction.

  • Patrons are expected to use common courtesy in regards to cell phone usage; turn ringers off and keep conversations at a low volume and away from the work stations and circulation desk please.




Since the Internet is an unregulated global electronic network, Manor Public Library has no control over its content.  Although the Library uses Internet filtering software, there is the potential that material of a controversial, offensive and/or inaccurate nature may still get through.  The Library is not responsible for the availability, accuracy or content of any accessed information.



All schools and public libraries are required to have an Internet filter in place as part of the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and Act 197 (HB 2262).  Filters are used to block access to visual depictions of obscenity, child pornography, or material that is harmful to minors.


Manor Public Library uses Net Nanny software on all computers to comply with these regulations.

Although Net Nanny does filter out most material that is harmful to minors, it occasionally filters out other websites that do not contain objectionable material.  If you are unable to view a website as a result of this filtering software, please let a Library staff member know and we will be happy to temporarily disable the filtering software for you.


Illegal Activity

Internet users are responsible for ALL material viewed.  The Library assumes no responsibility.  Users may be charged criminally if found engaging in illegal activity.  Users may not access the Internet for any unlawful purposes as defined under Section 3933 of the Criminal Code of Pennsylvania.



Users will not use computer terminals to:


  • Violate copyright or software laws

  • Engage in any illegal activities

  • Use their own software at computer terminals

  • Violate or attempt to breach the security of any computer system

  • Access chat rooms

  • Misrepresent themselves on the Internet

  • Harass others, either at Manor Public Library or on the Internet

  • View sites that contain text or pictures that are inappropriate in a public setting where others may accidentally view screens, in accordance with Pennsylvania law

  • Legal Restrictions on Pornography, Terrorism and Other Illegal Activities


All violations of these policies will be noted in the patron’s record.  Temporary or permanent loss of computer and/or Internet privileges will be assigned as fits the violation.  Additionally, Violators may face legal action and/or loss of other Library privileges.


Revised & Approved by Board August 18, 2014

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