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Together we have created the amazing community resource here at Manor Public Library. It’s a place where we inform, inspire, and enrich each and every day. But, success cannot happen without ongoing support from individuals like you.

With cuts from funding we rely on our annual appeal to the community to help fill the gap. Your contribution makes an immediate impact, providing resources that enhance the quality of life in Manor Borough and surrounding communities. Any amount can make all the difference towards adding an additional program, a new book, or improving technology services. Whether it’s a preschooler just discovering the delight of stories, teens seeking homework assistance, or someone simply looking for the latest bestseller, we’ve been able to help so many thanks to your support. We’re committed to sustaining and improving upon the quality programs that we are able to offer. We hope that we can count on you, to assist us in our mission to serve as a hub for information, inspiration, and enrichment.



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